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K-12 coding and STEM, Girls in STEM
4 minutes read
5 Strategies for Inspiring an Inclusive STEM Culture in Your School
Schools can implement a variety of strategies that make STEM more inclusive and inviting to students. By cultivating an environment that uplifts every student––regardless of their background, gender, or abilities––schools can inspire students to pursue and succeed in STEM majors and careers.
Graham Celine
Case Study, K-12 coding and STEM, CoderZ League Competition
4 minutes read
Success Story – Parkside Middle School
Parkside Middle School in New Hampshire uses CoderZ to stem learning loss and engage students in learning. Read how Pauline Cloutier implemented a new program successfully.
Graham Celine
Creative thinking & learning skills, Social Emotional Learning
6 minutes read
Leveling Up Education: The Crucial Role of Real-World Application in Game-Based Learning 
Purely game-focused curricula is entertaining and educational within the virtual boundaries but falls short in preparing students for the multifaceted challenges of the real world. The transformative power of real-world application lies in its ability to provide context, foster critical thinking...
Sierra Combelic
Educator tools & PD, K-12 coding and STEM
3 minutes read
ESL & ELL: Key Components in the Algorithm of Inclusive Computer Science Education
Computer science serves as a transformative force for ESL and ELL learners, offering a pathway to language proficiency, critical thinking, and cultural inclusivity. By embracing the visual language of coding, solving real-world problems, and participating in collaborative learning environments....
Sierra Combelic
Creative thinking & learning skills, Educator tools & PD
5 minutes read
Coding: Where Does It Fit In? Integrating CS into ELA and Literacy
Many computer science programs lean into their STEM connections, but integrating coding into ELA is another natural pairing, allowing students to apply new cognitive skills across domains
CoderZ Team
K-12 coding and STEM, Virtual Robotics
3 minutes read
Bring Code to Your Classroom: A Guide for Teachers to Implement a Successful Hour of Code for CSEdWeek  
Join the global movement to spark interest in STEM and propel students towards a future of coding possibilities with the Hour of Code during CSEdWeek! Discover educator-curated tips for a successful implementation of Hour of Code.
CoderZ Team


Here's what people are saying about the CoderZ experience

Thank you CoderZ, for developing something that leads kids to coding with smiles on their faces.
Katherine, Mother of 4 learner, Florida
CoderZ get kids in, and they really like it. They engage in it and gain a lot of confidence.
Marry, Mother of 4 learners, Illinois
CoderZ really helps the kids want to learn.
JJ, Mother of 3 learners, Kentucky
My son chooses missions, makes mistakes, assesses his abilities and corrects his strategy, gaining life skills as well
Dorota, mother of 2 learners, Ontario, Canada
We have really enjoyed learning the coding, in which my child had no experience at all. He is super independent.
Shirley, Mother of a learner, Manitoba, Canada
My kids with learned to follow directions and think outside the box at the same time. It's super, super important
Sarah, Mother of 2 learners, Florida
Dory Moore, Science Teacher, Ashford School, CT
"It was easy as a teacher to know where my students were and where they are going, and to help them improve."
Jessica Klauzer-Zimmerman Bell Middle School
Jessica Klauzer-Zimmerman, Bell Middle School, CO
"The class loved it. We could focus on coding, its self-paced and all students found success."
Paola Valdivia Middle School Science Director
Paola Valdivia, Middle School Science Director of STEM Instruction
"Teaching computer science in any form can be daunting - but with CoderZ, we felt completely supported."
Frank Edelblut education commissioner
Frank Edelblut, New Hampshire’s education commissioner
"It’s exciting to see kids so engaged in learning skills that are going to be important for their future."
Meredith Nations Teacher at Causey Middle School
Meredith Nations, Teacher at Causey Middle School, AL
"This is our second year at CoderZ and we just love it!"

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