Top 7 Facebook and LinkedIn groups for STEM educators
Top 7 Facebook and LinkedIn groups for STEM educators

Top 7 Facebook and LinkedIn groups for STEM educators

K-12 coding and STEM, Virtual Robotics
Updated: October 2022 Oct. 2022
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K-12 coding and STEM, Virtual Robotics

Education is about community. When we teach and share knowledge, we create some sort of invisible chain that connects people through knowledge, skills, memories and abilities.

We deeply believe in the importance of building community and of constantly sharing knowledge.

For the entire CoderZ team, part of creating an actual change in the way kids learn how to program virtual and real robots within the STEM pathways, is to build astrong community of educators.

A community in which one cooperates with each other, creating an interesting dialogue and, therefore, an advantageous space where different approaches to STEM knowledge is being shared, constantly.

Today, we invite you to check out these 7 Facebook and LinkedIn STEM groups. All of them are focused on different areas within the wide STEM world. We invite you to join and to be part of the ongoing conversations.

This might be the space you were looking for in order to get ideas of activities for your STEM class.

Australia CoderZ

This group with more than 400 members has lots of interesting ideas around STEM education and activities.

Their main idea is to promote all aspects of STEM and encourage students, schools, parents and the media to adopt initiatives that encourage STEM education.

As well, they see STEM as an integral part of Australia’s academic and economic future, categorizing it as transcendental for the future financial stability of their country.

Take a look and meet some international STEM folks on the WA STEM Education Promotion group!

community CoderZ

Einstein Fellows main intention is to improve the condition of STEM education, not only in the United States, but also in an international level.

Many updates about books, organizations and American associations are posted weekly in this group that is full of STEM advocates.

CoderZ team with STEM signs

CoderZ is an online learning environment where students, worldwide, learn how to program real and virtual robots within the STEM pathways.

With the same passion the CoderZ team has when developing each new feature, we opened a Facebook group with one intention only: To create a community of STEM professionals that can help and inspire each other.

In this STEM Facebook group you’ll see interesting articles, webinars and great discussions around the subjects of STEM, robotics and education. Join the conversation and start being a change-maker in STEM and in the world of education.

Join this STEM online community now and talk with professionals like Ken Gracey, Adi Shmorak, and many others.

LinkedIn pen CoderZ Blog

On this LinkedIn STEM group with more than 33,000 members, you’ll find lots of extremely talented and smart people, together with great sources of knowledge and inspiration within the STEM education field.

Here, you’ll find fantastic professionals, awesome educational tips, tremendously useful education-related articles and stunning ways to flip your classroom in order to take your STEM class to a much higher level.

As we said before, it’s all about the connections. One of the keys to succeed is to meet the right people and to be at the right place, at the right time.

This LinkedIn group to make STEM-related connections will allow you to meet more than 20,000 professionals from all around the globe. All of them with, more or less, the same ideas on education and innovation.

Join now and be part of the hundreds of talks and discussions about STEM that are taking place here. We have no doubt that great ideas for the future of STEM education can be born in a space like this.


When we question ourselves about how STEM will help our kids and students in the near future, entrepreneurship is a concept that, almost instantly, comes to mind.

The simple fact of having our kids receive the actual skills the 21st century requires from them, puts them in a place where entrepreneurship becomes an extremely reachable goal.

In this Facebook group about STEM entrepreneurship you’ll see more than one discussion around this and other project-based education fields.

This STEM and Makers Facebook group puts together lots of super interesting materials and ideas for hands-on learning processes, within the STEM pathways.

People here share not only knowledge, but also creativity. The more than 300 members of this group share events and educational tools, but mainly, they share there interest in Science, Techonology, Engeneering and Math.

Join now and boost your creativity towards your STEM students.


Written by:
CoderZ Team
Written by:
CoderZ Team

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